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ABE JACKSON- Morocco- An Amazing Dancer

by on Apr.19, 2014, under The Beginning and Great Ideas!

 Abe Jackson


Abe Jackson is an amazing dancer from Meknes, Morocco. With a focus on the fluid choreography of Michael Jackson, Abe exemplifies the true power of intercultural exchange through music, dance and creative aptitude.

Abe is an amazing performer and his dance moves are lyrical, rhythmic and on point!

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The Street Scientists Maghrib 4 Sure!

by on Mar.18, 2014, under The Beginning and Great Ideas!

The Street Scientists

Music from Da Streets



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B Boy Martin- Alexandrian Prince-

by on Mar.12, 2014, under The Beginning and Great Ideas!

B Boy Martin Alex-Prince (15)B Boy Martin is the exceptional B Boy from Alexandria, Egypt. Our Brother BBM is on the top of his game and a leader of flex-breakdancing in Alexandria. View his amazing gallery of flex-moves! B Boy Martin is definitely on the lead of the next generation of dancers from Egypt.

Just Super-Amazing-Flexibility

The Flex-B Boy Prince B Boy Martin



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Chindou Vestr (Alaeddin Sadki) Amazing Hands and Locking!

by on Feb.22, 2014, under The Beginning and Great Ideas!

Amazing Hand Work and Locking by Chindou Vestr (Alaeddin Sadki)
Electro Dance.………….Just Amazing Khoya!
                                              Production by: Mansour

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BBoy and Photographer Bisbis Iberkaten-Morocco

by on Feb.19, 2014, under The Beginning and Great Ideas!

Hip Hop B Boy Bisbis Iberkaten

Amazing footwork video by BBoy Bisbis Iberkaten!!!

 Bboy for real!


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Moroccan Hip Hop.Com-Mrhaba!

by on Feb.14, 2014, under The Beginning and Great Ideas!

Identifying Discourse Inc., Arts, Culture and Education, would like to welcome our new and official partner to our Ana Atakalam Hip Hop Project. Our main goal is to encourage young people in urban areas in Morocco, to explore their interests in creating events and projects around original Moroccan Hip Hop music and the growing Moroccan hip hop culture, while recognizing the influence that the original New York City Hip Hop culture has created throughout urban areas worldwide.

When asked to create a partnership with, the response was quick and affirmative. Working with the same community and having strong beliefs in the positive influence of encouraging young people to make good and healthy decisions while having fun in their community, opened up the space for partnership.

Check out the Ana Atakalam page on our website and stay tuned for updates here:

Check out the website here:

Mrhaba and let’s have some fun!

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Moroccan Gnaoua Musicians-Hoba Salame

by on Jan.31, 2014, under The Beginning and Great Ideas!

Gnaoua History

The Gnawa (or Gnaoua, Ghanawa, Ghanawi, Gnawi) people originated from North and West Africa; to be precise the ancient Ghanaian Empire of Ouagadougou (present day Mauritania, Senegal, Gambia, Burkino Faso and 85% of Mali (pre Gnawi/Mali Wars)).

This name Gnawa is taken from one of the indigenous languages of the Sahara Desert called Tamzight. The phonology of this term according to the grammatical principles of Tamazight is as follows: Gnawi (singular), Gnawa (collective) and Gnawn (plural rarely used).

The Gnawa are an ethnic group whom, with the passing of time became a part of the Sufi order in Maghreb.

Maghribi Gnaoua Musicians Hoba Salame

Hoba Salame is a Gnaoua  group of musician from Mohhamedia, Morocco. Hassan BouGassa is a singer and instrumentalist in the Hoba Salame group, performing as singer, and plays the Guimbri  or Sintir (lute), the Qaraqabs in the sacred Moroccan music group Hoba Salame.

Hassan has a twin and his brother is also a musician in the Gnaoua Hoba Salame group.

Check out the Annual Moroccan Gnaoua Music Festival

GNAOUA STORIES-Mystical Musicians Healers from Morocco

Gnaoua Photo Gallery

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MC Yav- Amazing Moroccan Singer!

by on Jan.30, 2014, under The Beginning and Great Ideas!

MC Yav- Amazing Moroccan Singer!

Amazing, is what  thought when I first heard Zouhair Bahaoui’s AKA MC Yav’s, Bghitwga3 ma 7assit song. The song is just excellent in it’s genuine R and B rhythm, mixed with Rai, Moroccan music style. To top it off, Zouhair’s voice  is….Maghrib pure.  He hit’s every note with complete confidence and we should all watch out for this amazing Moroccan singer creating a unique form of Maghrib R and B music.

MC Yav “Bghit wga3 ma 7assit” Music Video!

MC Yav “Ga3 Makont KandonMusic Video!

Check MC Yav out on Facebook

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New Identifying Discourse Arts, Culture and Education Logo

by on Jan.25, 2014, under The Beginning and Great Ideas!

Amazing New Logo designed by Graphic Designer Khalid

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Sami Soda- Hip Hop Ambassador- Morocco

by on Jan.18, 2014, under The Beginning and Great Ideas!

Hip Hop Bboy/Dancer and Choreographer

Sami Soda, is an amazing young dancer and choreographer who just consumes the Bboy dance style and culture as if it were delicious food. Original choreography is essential to Sami’s dance styles and dance routines, as he travels throughout Morocco competing and participating in battles as only a true dancer wold. Trained in Martial arts, Sami applies all of his physical talents in his dance routines.

Check out Sami Soda’s videos on his Professional Artist Page!

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